Art book Greeting Cards

$5.00 - $116.00


All the paintings from the special art book, now available as 4.25 x 5.5 inch blank greeting cards! (150 g/m weight paper)

You can choose either individual cards, or save a bit with “choose your own set of 4” or select any of the pre-made themed sets.

If you select individual or choose your own set of 4, please include a note of which you’ll be requiring, otherwise you’ll receive randomly chosen.

Envelopes included.

Letters in brackets refer to which premise set they’d be included in, such as (a) for animals.
Paintings in order from left top to right-

Asiatic lily (technically a stargazer in the oriental family shhh) (P)
Aardwolf (A)
Bunbun (A)
Clouds (L)
Cow (A)
Delphinium (P)
European badger (A)
Foxglove (P)
Galah cockatoo (B)
Humming bird (B)
Italy (L)
Jaguar (A)
Kingfisher (B)
Lily (P)
Moth (A)
Nasturtium (P)
Ostentatious (A)
Pomegranate (F)
Quebec (L)
Rhino beetle (A)
Sand hill crane (B)
Tilapia (F)
Underwater (L)
Vicuña (A)
Waterfall (L)
Xanthosoma (technically caladium but they’re both in the elephant ear family so CLOSE ENOUGH) (P)
Yak (A)
Zucchini (F)
The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog (A)