Coffee Dripper Customs

$6.00 CAD - $55.00 CAD



Perfect single cup for that afternoon fresh brew. If you'd like a reusable filter, please add one to the cart from options in addition to your dripper design of choice.

Wheel thrown white porcelain clay or speckled tan clay are available, if you have a preference, please state in the "notes or instructions" section at check out. If no special note on clay color is made, I'll choose what I think will compliment the glaze color chosen.

Each are handmade so allow for slight size and color differences. Bases are approximately 5 inches across, fitting on top of most mugs comfortably. Bottom ring (to avoid drips wicking outside your cup) are between 1.75-2 inches across. Approximately 3 inches tall. Handles are single finger size.

Creation time 2-3 weeks, shipping is on top of that, length depends on location shipping to.

*If this order is intended as a gift, and it seems it won't arrive in time, a high quality photo will be emailed so you can print out and put in a card with a "your special custom handmade gift is on route" should you desire.*

Colors/designs: Glazes can cover top to bottom, or just top half, see photo of ocean themed and bees/honey as examples. If choosing patterned, often clear is the best over top to not distort the image.

If you'd like a matching mug, please add that to your cart separately from the "options" list as well, and I'll make one uniquely to compliment your dripper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via instagram (@ashmhills) or send an email via the contact page!

3 weeks creation time includes throwing it on the wheel, attaching the handle, cutting the bottom hole, trimming the bottom for smoothness, drying painfully slow (think 2 weeks) to avoid cracking where the handle is connected, first firing (bisque) glazing (1-3 coats of every color, then clear on top of that) second glaze firing, and then finishing with sanding the bottom for smoothness and packaging up to head your way!!