Custom Sgraffito Mugs

$170.00 CAD



Examples only, mugs pictured are past commissions already in their new homes. (except the Sunflower is actually available haha!)

This commission includes hand drawn, textured, and glazed illustrations on a wheel thrown porcelain mug.

Please include in notes section what type of plant, animal, or other subject you'd like illustrated, and background/main mug color. If you have specific photo references, please email or send via dm on instagram after purchase. (@ashmhills)

If you have any preferences on handle style, straight, angled, or curved walls, and overall size, please also send an email or include a note with those specs! If you'd like to chat about what'll work best with your design, always happy to chat. 🥰

3 weeks creation time includes throwing it on the wheel, attaching the handle, trimming the bottom for smoothness, carving the design, drying painfully slow (think 2 weeks) to avoid cracking where the handle is connected, first firing (bisque) glazing (1-3 coats of every color, then clear on top of that) second glaze firing, and then finishing with sanding the bottom for smoothness and packaging up to head your way!!